Follicular hair transplantation

Follicular hair transplantation follows the principle of regular micro graft however respecting the follicular units of hair. These are a combination of 2, 3 or 4 hair growing through a single pore. The follicular units are distinct anatomical entities, but each hair lying inside the unit has its own follicle. So in order to give the greatest possible volume, it is important to respect these units when cutting.

Micro greffe et mini greffe versus poinçon

In the 80s, the practice of hair transplantation was to transplant large groupings of hair, better known as the "punch" in one place to give a very unnatural result. Indeed, the "punch" gave the impression of more hair doll or a Row than a natural look. Micro grafting, meanwhile, was developed in the 90s and involves transplanting maximum of 1 to 2 per graft hair. This technique is mainly used for the frontal region in order to recreate a natural and non-visible line. To replenish the crown area and the top, the most widely used technique is called mini-transplant and it involves transplanting 3 to 4 hair per graft to provide a greater volume. To this end, there is now a new method called follicular micro transplantation.

Vidéos expliquant la microgreffe